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Mayor Engen Is Losing The Narrative On Urban Renewal Districts And The Role Of MRA

by William Skink Is Mayor Engen losing control of the narrative over Urban Renewal Districts and the Missoula Redevelopment Agency? I think the most recent example of political damage control, facilitated by the Missoula Current, titled Engen says MRA will … Continue reading

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Will A Red-Flag Trump Tweet Blow A Hole In Gun Control Hopes For Democrats? (Probably Nope)

by William Skink Trump accomplished in one tweet what a million blog posts could never accomplish, and that is to highlight a serious concern over the imposition of red-flag laws: Would Chris Cuomo be given a Red Flag for his … Continue reading

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The Abstract Vs The Real

by William Skink One of the most maddening things about watching the workings of local government is how two distinct worlds exist. There’s the abstract world of studies and master plans and “revenue projections”, where elected officials can chase visions … Continue reading

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Should Missoula Consider The California Option For The Missoula Redevelopment Agency?

by William Skink The Missoula Current is asking City Council candidates a series of questions as the municipal election draws near. I would like to think this blog’s critical focus on Tax Increment Financing, combined with the fiscal thorn of … Continue reading

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Who Is Adding To Escalating Domestic Tensions? Both Sides, That’s Who

by William Skink It’s good to see Pete Talbot at the Montana Post taking a time out from the polarizing partisanship to recommend we all take a deep breath over the man who assaulted a teen in Mineral County because … Continue reading

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Onion Bomb, For Jeffrey Epstein

by William Skink Charlie lit an onion bomb that blew the noosphere into 300 million pieces of jagged atmosfear who did Charlie haight so much in San Francisco? Shadow Sid and JJ Angel? onion bombs touch the part of us … Continue reading

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Did You Know Missoula Has A Bridge To Nowhere?

by William Skink Stupid, costly things just keep happening in Missoula. The latest stupid thing occurred because Missoula County election officials couldn’t make a deadline to make upcoming municipal elections mail-in only. So how much is that going to cost? … Continue reading

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The Danger Of Trump And Gun Control Advocates Finding Common Ground With Red-Flag Laws

by William Skink I was at a wedding recently where the topic of Medicaid in Montana came up. I offered an on-the-ground perspective from my days at the shelter watching first responders respond over and over again to the same … Continue reading

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Montana Post Rushes To Exploit A Weekend Of Tragedy

by William Skink Political partisans on both sides will quickly exploit any tragedy if it means furthering their agenda. For team blue, the El Paso shooting appears tailor-made to attack Trump and the alt-right he leads. The young man drove … Continue reading

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Why Does Missoula County Need A Law To Deal With Aggressive “Transients”?

by William Skink I’m confused. The Missoula Current recently reported that County Commissioners needed an ordinance to “deter aggressive transients” at the Missoula Development Park. From the link: At the request of several property owners, Missoula County commissioners have implemented … Continue reading

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