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Responding To Fan Mail

by Travis Mateer For this post I’m using my real name because someone out there really wants to convey to me that writing under a pseudonym is an act of cowardice. This message couldn’t be posted as a comment or … Continue reading

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Special Session Shit Show

by William Skink It didn’t take long for Montana’s Special Session to devolve into a partisan shit show. This should come as no surprise. Last month George Ochenski offered this prescient warning to Montana lawmakers: While it’s understandable that Democrats … Continue reading

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My White Voice

by William Skink Will a few wins embolden establishment Democrats to stay the failed course? I don’t know, but identity politics seems to be a difficult strategy to let go of. Not as difficult as letting go of my whiteness. … Continue reading

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What Really Happened In Las Vegas?

by William Skink America’s worst mass-shooting is getting virtually no media attention a little over a month since one guy allegedly slaughtered 58 people for no good reason. Doesn’t anyone find this odd? Lack of motive is just one glaring … Continue reading

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Homeless Man Dies Of Exposure In Missoula And Only One Local Media Outlet Notices

by William Skink Yesterday a homeless man was found unresponsive outside the Union Gospel Mission and later pronounced dead due to hypothermia. Today it was finally reported by one local media outlet, NBC Montana: The Missoula Police Department responded to … Continue reading

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After A Year Of Trump Democrats Still Don’t Get It

by William Skink The Democrat machine and its many loyal foot soldiers require persistent criticism due to their persistent cluelessness about why they can’t win elections. Thanks to Uranium deals, dossiers, and Donna Brazile, the Clinton side of the swamp … Continue reading

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What’s Fake?

by William Skink There is a possibility everything is fake. This is not a dig at fakeologists. It’s entirely possible we are living in an alternative reality. I saw a Youtube video from a tween that convinced me this could … Continue reading

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Killing Missoula’s Festival Of The Dead

by William Skink *UPDATE:  The Zootown Arts Community Center did NOT make the statement ascribed to them in the post.  I am almost certain I got it from the FB page of the Montana Racial Equity Project.  Strange. The feature … Continue reading

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The Problem Of Selective Outrage

by William Skink One of the most frustrating aspects of partisan politics is selective outrage. Why? Because it keeps our two political parties locked into an endless dance of amplifying opponent’s transgressions while minimizing their own. A comment thread about … Continue reading

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The Fall of Harvey

by William Skink Has the fall of Harvey Weinstein really broken the dam of silence that kept open secrets of predation from making headlines? Certainly dozens and dozens of victims are feeling empowered to go public because their experiences are … Continue reading

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