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I'm a poet and political cynic living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com

Democrats And Republicans Playing Chicken With People’s Lives

by William Skink Something has been bothering me about how Montana’s state budget crisis has developed. There were questions about the accuracy of state revenue estimates in February when a report was released anticipating over 90 million more than predicted … Continue reading

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Tester’s Calculating Flip-Flop on Dreamers

by William Skink Democrat apologists like Don Pogreba want us to think a politician like Jon Tester, up for reelection, has “come around on Dreamers“. That vote against Dreamers in 2010? That was just political calculation: At the time, I … Continue reading

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Flood and Fire

by William Skink Air we don’t wince at breathing, flood waters receding. Victims of the fires don’t feel like they got enough of the national spotlight. They shouldn’t worry. We all move one. Football season has begun. More important things. … Continue reading

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Sixteen Years Ago Today…

by William Skink 16 years ago America was attacked by terrorists and to this day we see the power of America’s propaganda machine at work to persuade us the terrorists were from mostly Saudi Arabia and they pulled it off … Continue reading

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Violent Fun Balls

by William Skink When I was putting together this video about violent fun balls, I had no idea how much fun the Chiefs were going to have beating the Patriots. Go Chiefs!

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Where Are The Anti-War Protests?

by William Skink When Trump declared more troops would be heading to America’s longest war in Afghanistan, the media did not flip out and the resistance did not march. There was more criticism directed at the first lady’s choice of … Continue reading

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Saving The Tree Of Life From The Joker: A Lego Movie

by William Skink To combat the boredom of being stuck inside all Labor Day from hazardous air, I decided to show my kids how we could make our own Lego Movie. We positioned Lego figures in different scenes and took … Continue reading

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Montana’s Mounting Fiscal Woes

by William Skink While Montana burns the state’s fiscal situation is turning into its own version of a dumpster fire. Will there be a special session to deal with the cataclysmic budget cuts triggered by Senate Bill 261 made worse … Continue reading

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Welcoming Lord Gibson To His New Position In The Montana Media Realm

by William Skink Indy publisher Matt Gibson now lords over three media fiefdoms after his deal to sell out the Indy to Lee, and we here at RD congratulate Matt Gibson. I’m sure the latest feature piece about flowers, and … Continue reading

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Demystifying Missoula’s Reserve Street Homeless Camp Clean-Up

by William Skink David Neu, a confused Missoulian, was mystified enough with the recent story of the homeless camp cleanup to write a letter to the editor. Apparently the fact that trash removed is measured in tons didn’t clue David … Continue reading

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