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I'm a poet and political cynic living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com

More Partisan Derangement Over Russiagate

By William Skink I had this post ready to go, for the most part, a week ago, but wasn’t able to get it posted before leaving the States for a glorious week with the family in Mexico. Now that I … Continue reading

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Greed Is Not Good

by William Skink A higher return on investment is just another way of saying greed, and greed is ultimately at the core of the world’s financial problems. Fuck modest returns on investment, say the self-anointed Masters of the Universe. If … Continue reading

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More Questions Than Answers In Missoula Indy’s Look At Glacier Hope Homes

By William Skink When I got an email last month from Indy reporter Susan Shepherd about an upcoming story about Glacier Hope Homes, I was intrigued. What would turn up? For a quick recap, I first wrote about Glacier Hope … Continue reading

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The State Of The Resistance Is Wrong

by William Skink How is the neverTrump resistance able to ignore the growing evidence of FBI/DOJ misconduct? It helps that the media continues framing criticism of the FBI as a Republican campaign to discredit these institutions solely to protect Trump. … Continue reading

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May The Voices Of Writers Live On…

by William Skink “I think hard times are coming, when we will be wanting the voices of writers who can see alternatives to how we live now, and can see through our fear-stricken society and its obsessive technologies to other … Continue reading

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Where Is The Opposition To American Imperialism?

By William Skink Is America becoming globally isolated? Sure, there is a good argument to be made for that assertion, but America will never be alone as long as its global ambitions align with the other two members of the … Continue reading

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A Quick Note

by William Skink I haven’t been able to put a post out for awhile because I think nearly everything is bullshit, including vain attempts to cut through it. I don’t have the energy after working and parenting to address the … Continue reading

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Criminal Justice Reform Still Uphill Battle

by William Skink Yesterday it was reported as BREAKING NEWS that Cynthia Wolken got a new job with the Department of Corrections. The Montana Post framed this as a huge winfor criminal justice reform. My question: is it really? Those … Continue reading

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BOT Foreign Policy (Bush, Obama, Trump)

by William Skink My interest in American foreign policy is one of the main factors that soured me on the Obama regime and the Democratic Party. All it took was a change in tone and slight change in tactics to … Continue reading

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Kakocracy, 2018

by William Skink As we head into 2018 Montanans are faced with two competing narratives for the state of our state. The narrative coming from the Governor’s office is one of delusional optimism because Steve Bullock wants to look good … Continue reading

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