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I'm a poet and political cynic living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com

Trump, Treason And Intelligence

by William Skink With accusations of TREASON bouncing all around social media after the press conference where Trump SOLD OUT AMERICA to Putin, we are at a point where Trump could probably be assassinated on live tv by John Brennan … Continue reading

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What Will Reporter Cy Hersh Report Next?

by William Skink Late last month Cy Hersh made an appearance on Jeremy Scahill’s podcast, Intercepted. While he was primarily there to sell his memoir, Reporter, he let a teaser slip about a story he’s been onto for years: Let’s … Continue reading

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Does The Montana Post Still Support A Safe Space For Nazis In Ukraine?

by William Skink Nazis are bad and should always be opposed, wherever they pop up, right? But what if Russians are involved? Are Russians worse than Nazis? Is Russia so bad that the enemy-of-my-enemy-is-my-friend mentality applies? With a new round … Continue reading

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Taxes, Bonds And Missoula’s Screwed Up Priorities

by William Skink It appears the gap between what city/county leaders say about wanting to address affordable housing and the actions taken that undermine those stated intentions has gotten big enough that some truth is starting to leak out. At … Continue reading

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What Happened To Griz Football Players Accused of Assault?

by William Skink It’s been nearly two months since the Missoula County Attorney’s Office received the case of the alleged assault by UM football players. Back on May 24th, County Attorney Jason Marks said it would only be a few … Continue reading

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Corporate Media’s Credibility Crises

by William Skink Democrats and their pundit-sycophants are never going to let Russia, the great scapegoat, go. It’s endless. At Montana Post, for example, Joshua Manning continues peddling bullshit propaganda in an effort to insinuate politicians like Steve Daines are … Continue reading

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Dividing And Conquering

by William Skink Because I’m a sucker for dystopian narratives I’ve been watching Colony on Netflix. The show envisions a post-arrival earth where the alien “hosts” have imposed a transitional authority to manage the remaining humans, who are segregated into … Continue reading

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Missoula’s Housing Market Is Killing Homeless People

by William Skink In this week’s Indy the PR rhetoric Missoula’s political leadership uses to discuss progress in housing the homeless meets reality. For me, the reality begins with the picture the Indy uses for the article because I know … Continue reading

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The Cognitive Dissonance Of Connecting Bush To Obama To Trump

by William Skink What started with Bush after 9/11 continued under Obama and is metastasizing fast under Trump. Yet, thanks to partisan binary thinking, any claim of continuity between these three presidents creates immediate cognitive dissonance. One of the arguments–actually, … Continue reading

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Open Spaces And Unaffordable Housing In Missoula

by William Skink Another request to hit up the taxpayer piggybank is coming from the city of Missoula, this time for the never-ending desire to acquire and maintain more “open space”. If you want to read the cheerleading for this … Continue reading

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