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I'm a poet and political cynic living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com

The Crown Jewel Of Missoula Gentrification Will Break Ground Next Summer–ALL HAIL LORD CHECOTA!

by William Skink It’s official, with the announcement of Nick Checota as savior investor, development at the Riverfront Triangle is finally set to break ground next summer. I’m sure there are plenty of people in Missoula excited about this news. … Continue reading

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Lord Checota

by William Skink All hail Lord Checota, O benevolent Checota, Sultan of Sound, you have pleased Orpheus and Missoula music denizens with the foresight of your investments. Where shall we, you’re loyal devotees, bring you our offerings of milk and … Continue reading

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County Commissioner Dave Strohmaier Is Supporting The Agenda Of The South Street Bridge Obstructionists

by William Skink On Friday the city of Missoula marked the opening of two access points for the West Broadway Island. While the city touted this unnecessary use of public money to build a bridge meant to increase recreational use … Continue reading

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The Dynasty That Destroyed The Democratic Party

by William Skink I continue to be amazed at Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) and its ability to transform people and institutions who once appeared objective and rational. Finding any kind of sane analysis outside this polarizing madness is difficult. This … Continue reading

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What’s The Plan For Winter Shelter Overflow In Missoula?

by William Skink As winter leapfrogs ahead of fall this year in Missoula, the final plan on where homeless overflow will be directed has yet to be made public. Plan A of getting churches to handle the overflow ran into … Continue reading

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WTF Is Up With Montana Democrats?

by William Skink It may not seem like I want Democrats to be successful, considering all the derision and scorn I have heaped on the national brand over the years, but at the state level, I would like Democrats to … Continue reading

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Is The Right Deluding Itself Over The True Nature Of Trump?

by William Skink When I talk about half-blind partisanship my criticism has largely been directed toward Democrats, but Trump supporters who think their orange-faced demigod is some anointed anti-globalist indicates more than half-blindness is going on; I sense a deeper … Continue reading

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Americans Won’t Understand What The Houthis Are Exposing Until It’s Too Late

by William Skink While Americans obsess over 24/7 Trump impeachment coverage, the poorest nation in the Middle East, Yemen, has significantly altered the dynamics of global warfare and geopolitics. After crippling Saudi Arabia’s oil processing capacity, the Houthis have reportedly … Continue reading

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The Partisan Threat

by William Skink If partisans can’t leave behind their half-blind attacks on the totally corrupt body politic, then democracy is already dead. And that’s a good thing. There are better ways of doing things then centralizing power and control for … Continue reading

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Feeling Peachy

by William Skink fancy bear, fancy pants strike the crowd with pundit rants fill them full with peachy hope crowd control, they’ll beg for rope help the man no average joe help his mind on where to go help the … Continue reading

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