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I'm a poet and political cynic living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com

Russiagate Truthers Need Stranger Things To Protect Core Claim That Russia Interfered In The 2016 Elections

by William Skink While everyone’s attention is on THE SQUAD vs. THE RACIST, one of the core beliefs Russiagate truthers will still claim as fact has had its thin threads snipped. The core belief is that Russia impacted the outcome … Continue reading

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Julie Armstrong Purposefully Disqualifies Herself To Send A Message To Mayor Engen

by William Skink Missoula’s City Council is often presented as a homogeneous group of rubber-stampers dutifully voting for the Mayor’s agenda. This is obviously an oversimplification, but unless deviations and disagreements become public, those of us on the outside of … Continue reading

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Is This The Moment We See Down The Rabbit Hole, Or Will The Jeffrey Epstein Case Be A Limited Hangout?

by William Skink It’s been bizarre to see corporate media shift into suddenly being very, very interested in where the sordid tale of Jeffrey Epstein goes next. I’ve heard the phrase “rabbit hole” more than a few times regarding this … Continue reading

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More Neighbors? How About Less Central Banks!

by William Skink The New York Times recently ran an opinion piece declaring Americans Need More Neighbors. The gist is that housing is unaffordable because single-family zoning caters to all the greedy families out there who want a home and … Continue reading

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Jeffrey Epstein, The Perverse Connective Tissue Between Donald Trump And Bill Clinton, Just Got Arrested For Sex Trafficking

by William Skink For some reason the explosive Jeffrey Epstein thread of intrigue has been yanked into the primetime spotlight for examination. Suddenly everyone is squawking about this alleged pedophile predator and the social circles he orbited, circles already known … Continue reading

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Gentrify My Heart

by William Skink What do we do with a drunken sailor? Put him in the corner until he gets sober.

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The Terrorist Lobe Of The Liberal Mind

by William Skink How did it develop, the terrorist lobe of the liberal mind? Are their ghosts of colonialism haunting its grey matter? Terrorists are fanatics, often animated by some form of religious ideology. The liberal mind is supposed to … Continue reading

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When I Lost Hope For The Republic…

by William Skink Any political commentary that doesn’t acknowledge the utter corruption of our two-party political system is not commentary I can take seriously anymore. I get why you older junkies just can’t quit the party that has abused you … Continue reading

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Burn It Down, A Song

by William Skink

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Pushing Apprenticeships To Help East Coasters In Missoula?

by William Skink When I first learned about the proposal by Council members Heather Harp and Gwen Jones to coerce contractors to create registered apprenticeship programs I was immediately skeptical. Why is this needed, I thought? Thanks to this Missoula … Continue reading

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