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The Montana Post Is Not A Credible News Source, Says Professor Rob Saldin

by William Skink *correction, the original post mistakingly ascribed the quote below to reporter Chuck Johnson. I was in my car doing my civic duty by allowing Montana Public Radio to educate me about the looming elections, now just one … Continue reading

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What A Virtue-Signaling Open Letter From A Missoula Tech Company Leaves Out

by William Skink Virtue signaling is a relatively new phrase, brought into mainstream usage by The Spectator’s James Bartholomew, and is defined by the Urban Dictionary as taking… a conspicuous but essentially useless action ostensibly to support a good cause … Continue reading

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Competing Fear Campaigns As World Keeps Moving Toward The Abyss

by William Skink A week of pipe bombs and the immigrant caravan culminated in the arrest of a MAGA nut with a long rap sheet on Friday. Both wings of our corporate political party are ramping up the fear ahead … Continue reading

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Border Patrol Union That Endorsed Tester Also Endorsed Video Featuring White Nationalists

by William Skink Jon Tester’s campaign must have been pumped to get an endorsement from the Union that represents border agents. The official announcement came back in September, as reported by MPR: The president of the union that represents border … Continue reading

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The True Context Of Trump

by William Skink As the resistance to Trump focuses on the latest outrage–this time, praising body-slamming Gianforte–the larger context of what Trump represents fails to get the attention it deserves. Trump is a product of the failure of globalized neoliberalism. … Continue reading

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Missoula Trump Poem

by William Skink Sorry, but this is not the poem you think it is. MISSOULA TRUMP POEM dump that Trump he’s a liar he’s a liar pants on fire so says the hill near dear Missoula land of love if … Continue reading

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Will Saudigate Replace Russiagate?

by William Skink Will there be a post-midterm pivot from Russiagate to Saudigate? It looks that way. I’m concerned this long overdue reassessment of the US relationship with the head-chopping royalty of Saudi Arabia is quickly becoming another intelligence operation … Continue reading

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Missoula Doing It’s Part To Turn Out Conservatives Next Month With Dumb Gun Ban

by William Skink Missoula’s City Council claimed an emergency need to ban guns—both openly carried and concealed—in public places, like all voting stations and public “developed” parks. Why the emergency? Because elections are upon us, and Missoula is doing its … Continue reading

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While Corporate Media Ignores Yemen And Prays For Jamal, Independent Media In Missoula Finally Has Some Good News

by William Skink The war in Vietnam was slowly undermined over the years by the diligent work of actual reporters, like Sy Hersh. I’m reading Hersh’s memoir right now and it has me wondering if anyone like him exists anymore. … Continue reading

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Lee Enterprises Refuses To Make Indy Archive Available To Public

by William Skink It was incredibly upsetting–though not unexpected–to read about the spiteful corporate raiders at Lee refusing to open up the Indy archives. This from the email in my inbox today: The negotiations between the Missoula News Guild and … Continue reading

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