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Bromantic Is Simply Fantastic

by William Skink A recent inquiry about whether or not a bromance has bloomed between Big Swede and I got me thinking. No, not about Swede’s strong arms and masculine self-reliance, but something I’ve written about before: the politics of … Continue reading

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If Jon Tester Loses, Blame Russia

by William Skink Democrats are hoping that the midterm elections result in a blue wave of Democrat victories. If the wave doesn’t materialize, Russia is already being set-up to take the blame: Russia is already meddling in the midterm elections … Continue reading

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The Montana Post’s Curious Connection To Glenn Greenwald

by William Skink Long-time readers of this blog know over the years I have cultivated an open disdain for Intelligent Discontent, now rebranded to appear like a journalistic online media endeavor called The Montana Post. There are many reasons for … Continue reading

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More Partisan Derangement Over Russiagate

By William Skink I had this post ready to go, for the most part, a week ago, but wasn’t able to get it posted before leaving the States for a glorious week with the family in Mexico. Now that I … Continue reading

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Greed Is Not Good

by William Skink A higher return on investment is just another way of saying greed, and greed is ultimately at the core of the world’s financial problems. Fuck modest returns on investment, say the self-anointed Masters of the Universe. If … Continue reading

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Suicide by Cop: “is Common”

By JC In the latest incident of “to call or not to call” the police it appears that cops killing individuals in Montana has become normalized: A welfare check near East Helena late Thursday night led to an officer-involved shooting … Continue reading

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More Questions Than Answers In Missoula Indy’s Look At Glacier Hope Homes

By William Skink When I got an email last month from Indy reporter Susan Shepherd about an upcoming story about Glacier Hope Homes, I was intrigued. What would turn up? For a quick recap, I first wrote about Glacier Hope … Continue reading

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