Return to Twin Peaks

by William Skink

May 21st, 2017, is the scheduled date for the return of Twin Peaks (I think I can trust the NYT for entertainment info).

In preparation, I finished reading Mark Frost’s Secret History of Twin Peaks this morning, which followed my leap into the disturbing secret diary of Laura Palmer, written by David Lynch’s daughter.

So bring it on, Mr. Missoula, Montana Eagle Scout!

With a cup of damn good coffee, and a slice of Norma’s pie, maybe we’ll figure out things like UFOs, backward talking, BOB and the origin of the evil that emanates from the Pacific Northwest.


About William Skink

I'm a poet and political cynic living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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2 Responses to Return to Twin Peaks

  1. Craig Moore says:

    With summer aproaching take your kids to sweet peaks.


  2. Matthew Koehler says:

    It is happening again…The owls are not what they seem.


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