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Hillary Clinton and the Media

by William Skink I love not having cable news, but when I am around a tv with cable, I do like to check in to see how things are being framed. Such was the case on Monday as I sat … Continue reading

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Harlan Wells Shows How Not to Run for Mayor of Missoula

by William Skink John Engen was reelected to his 3rd term as Mayor in 2013. Getting elected three times means that Engen has a lot of support in Missoula, so if someone else wants the job they better bring their … Continue reading

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Liberals Unprepared for White Supremacist Backlash

by William Skink Unsatisfied with selling out the Democratic Party last century, the Democratic establishment appears hellbent on driving the last nail into the coffin by nominating Hillary Clinton. Doing so will deliver the White House to Donald Trump. With … Continue reading

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Missoula Do-Gooders Unprepared for Refugee Blowback

by William Skink I got a book in the mail yesterday, one I had been eagerly anticipating. It’s by Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke and it’s titled Black Sun: Aryan Cults, Esoteric Nazism and the Politics of Identity. Mary Poole and the rest … Continue reading

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Anti-Semitism Everywhere, Say Democrats

by William Skink How many anti-semites are there in America? According to Democrats, roughly half the country has anti-semetic potential. Does that seem like a crazy number? Maybe not. How did I arrive at this number? First, I looked at … Continue reading

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Obama Travels to Cuba to Lie Directly to Cubans

by William Skink I listened to most of Obama’s Cuba speech yesterday despite the revulsion I feel when confronted with such easily delivered deceit. You can read the full transcript here. After making the declaration that “I have come here … Continue reading

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New Montana News Projects

by William Skink Media is changing in Montana, and that should make the corporate executives at Iowa-based Lee Enterprises nervous. Last Best News–a for-profit online alternative to corporate crap–took a recent look at these changes with 3 cheers for the … Continue reading

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Non-Partisan Take on a Plane

by William Skink I finally added Logicosity to the blogroll because of insightful posts like this one regarding the campaign cash quirk that requires Democrats and Republicans to have a primary challenger in order to use the campaign cash, otherwise … Continue reading

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Montana’s Mental Health Crisis

by William Skink Mental health is a serious issue that impact tens of millions of Americans (I had the wrong link and can’t find the original article, so I took the link out): Nearly 20 percent of Americans — 44.5 … Continue reading

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When Protests Turn Violent

by William Skink The violence in Chicago last weekend marked a dangerous turning point in this year’s political charade. The right now has an effective counter-meme to the Trump inciting violence meme the left has been using, and that is … Continue reading

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