The First Step, Missoula, Is Admitting You Have A Problem

by William Skink

Missoula has a tech problem, and part of that problem is Missoula’s leadership doesn’t think we have a tech problem. They think we have tech solutions, and they are therefore falling over themselves to create tech corridors or tech campuses or whatever the current term is. Tech is going to bring a new dawn to Missoula, right?

The deep, driving urge to court and develop tech has produced a new opportunity in Missoula–and it’s not just the Israeli firm, 4Cast, coming to town. Nope, it’s a strengthening of ties with that totally not racist and very peaceful nation, Israel. But don’t take that from me, take it from the Consul General from San Francisco:

The deputy consul general of Israel on Tuesday credited her country’s strong alliance with the U.S. and the hard work of a Montana economic delegation for landing an Israeli tech firm, which plans to place its U.S. office in Missoula.

Ravit Baer with the Consulate General of Israel’s office in San Francisco, began a 36-hour swing through Missoula on Tuesday to establish diplomatic ties with local leaders and extend Israeli cultural interests.

“A vast majority of what we do is really centered in the Bay Area, just because the Silicon Valley is so important to the Israeli economy,” Baer said in an interview with the Missoula Current. “But we’re doing as much effort as we can to get to all our regions to enhance collaborations within those regions.”

How exciting to be helping the Israeli economy. It’s not like they execute un-armed Palestinians or anything, or have a prominent member of the media issue threats against a 16 year old girl who had the audacity to shock the apartheid state with a slap.

In case you didn’t catch what Ben Caspit said last year, after Ahed was arrested, here it is:

“In the case of the girls, we should exact a price at some other opportunity, in the dark, without witnesses and cameras”

The only thing more shocking than Caspit putting this in print is the utter lack of horror and disgust from those allegedly concerned about the experiences of women at the hands of oppressive powers that seek to humiliate and control them.

The imminent arrival of 4Cast is not the only big tech news making headlines. Unfortunately for Seth Bodnar, his wife and her “advocacy” for the Messina Group is also making news (though the Missoulian quickly got that story off the “front page” of their website).

To summarize this problem, a non-staff spouse is asking for student data and outgoing VP, Tom Crady, thinks that’s problematic:

Chelsea Elander, the spouse of University of Montana President Seth Bodnar, has been playing a significant role in the flagship’s preparation for a recruitment project with The Messina Group, records show.

CEO Jim Messina, who led former President Barack Obama’s 2012 election to a second term in the White House, is a passionate UM alum and longtime friend of Elander’s who volunteered the data analytics expertise of his firm to help UM recruit students. UM has experienced a nearly 30 percent enrollment drop since 2010.

This semester, Elander has been a liaison between UM and The Messina Group in discussions about providing the firm with student and family records. According to UM legal counsel Lucy France, the campus has not given the firm any data.

However, an outgoing vice president is raising concerns about Elander’s requests for information. Tom Crady, vice president for enrollment and student affairs, said Elander does not hold an official job description with the campus, yet she has asked for private records on more than one occasion.

“I’ve worked for 12 college presidents in my career. I have never seen the level of involvement with a presidential spouse that I have seen here and the inappropriate requests for extremely confidential information,” said Crady, who was told in January his contract would not be renewed.

In an attempt to get ahead of this emerging scandal (and that’s what it is), Clayton Christian and his spineless board have already issued a response to the Missoulian article:

The University of Montana and the Montana University System stand firmly in support of Dr. Chelsea Bodnar, spouse of University of Montana President Seth Bodnar, for her efforts to assist the university in enhancing its recruiting efforts.

“We were delighted to know Chelsea would be a strong advocate for the University of Montana alongside of Seth when we hired him as President of the University,” Board of Regents Chair Fran Albrecht said. “The University has always had active spouses who contribute in a multitude of ways. Chelsea’s excitement and enthusiasm for increasing enrollment is to be celebrated and commended. She is contributing her time and resources to helping the University of Montana and I am grateful for her commitment and support.”

While we value the press and the pillar it holds in our society, we simply want our perspective to be shared. The unequivocal truth is that universities across the country are safely and securely using broad data trends (not specific student information) to help attract and recruit students.

Well, glad we got that cleared up, Commish.

Because I have limited time to write this, I won’t even begin to approach how tech utopias like Bozeman and Silicon Valley impact housing. Hint: it doesn’t make it more affordable. Exhibit A: this burned out shack in Silicon Valley listed for $800,000.

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Striking Syria

by William Skink

No authority sought from Congress. No vote from the UN Security Council. No conclusive evidence of claimed gas attack or time for a thorough investigation. No outcry from the resistance. No critical corporate media reporting framing this as a violation of international law.

No, this is America doing what America does, post-9/11. America the rogue state. America, purveyor of terrorism. No credibility. No consistency of principle. No ability to compare what is happening in Syria to what is happening in Yemen and Gaza.

No hope, no peace, no chance truth will rise above the lies and propaganda. It won’t stop. No one is even trying to stop it anymore.

We just wait for the blowback, which will lead to the next escalation.

And the show goes on…

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What’s Going On With Missoula’s Sheriff’s Department?

by William Skink

In the Indy’s Etc. column this week a parenthetical comment indicates the Indy hasn’t found the Missoula County Sheriff’s Department to be forthright in providing information.

For the record, “following” minor celebrities is near the bottom of local newsrooms’ real-news priorities. They’re preoccupied with other battles, like wrestling for access to public information (looking at you, Missoula County Sheriff’s Office, and you, UM Foundation). Readers who prefer fake news have no shortage of options.

So what’s going on? For some interesting insight, here’s Josh Clark–who is challenging the Sheriff once again for Sheriff–in a Facebook post:

Protection and Special Treatment for Sheriff McDermott supporters, Retaliation for Josh Clark supporters.

Commissioners Jean Curtiss, Nicole Rowley, and Dave Strohmaier, you have a huge problem in the Sheriff’s Office. Pay attention and do something about it.
This month is the 5 month anniversary of Deputy Hartsell abusing a prisoner in his custody. For 5 months there has been no transparency from Sheriff McDermott. Deputy Hartsell has been on medical leave. Was Deputy Hartsell ever placed on administrative leave pending an investigation? Probably not. Why wasn’t this investigated immediately after other deputies completed internal complaints and turned them over to Patrol Captain Bill Burt? This investigation should have been done before Deputy Hartsell was ever allowed to go on medical leave at the end of November 2017. Hartsell continued to work his regular shifts, never being put on administrative leave for a pending investigation. The medical leave referenced in the article was apparently due to an earlier, unrelated shoulder injury. This incident was not assigned by Sheriff McDermott for a sergeants use of force review until early February 2018, 3 months after the incident.

Why are we only hearing about this now? Why did this take so long? After all, Sheriff McDermott bragged that all deputies now had body cameras, according to an interview on January 17, 2018 with Peter Christian for News Talk KGVO. Great, there should be some excellent video and audio of the abuse.

There has been no transparency until today, and that is only in Sheriff McDermott’s classic way. Half truths and only reporting what he thinks we already know. I reported on this on March 12 when I announced my campaign for Missoula County Sheriff and Coroner. If you want a more complete look at what is happening under Sheriff McDermott’s watch, please read the articles at or follow me on Facebook at Josh Clark for Sheriff.

Commissioners Jean Curtiss, Cola Rowley, and Dave Strohmeier, 4 years ago, I and my supporters warned you about what Sheriff McDermott and his special deputy supporters were saying they would do. There is even an email series between then Captain Mike Dominick and Human Resource Director Patty Baumgart and then C.O.O Steve Johnson. In that email Dominick warns that McDermott supporters were saying they were going to hire back Doug Hartsell and that would be a negligent hire. Dominick also predicted retaliation against himself and other of my supporters. That email is from August 5 and 6, 2014. Hartsell was hired back to the Sheriff’s Office by Sheriff McDermott on June 13, 2016. I guess the Sheriff wanted to wait long enough to let things quiet down after the 2014 Sheriff election.

The lack of accountability, transparency, and expediency of justice is disgusting. Why is that? Well, we need to remember Doug Hartsell was a friend and campaign supporter of Sheriff McDermott. Doug Hartsell contributed to McDermott’s campaign. Doug Hartsell even drove then candidate McDermott down the parade route in the St. Patrick’s Day parade in March 2014. See attached picture.

Now I would like you to compare Hartsell’s treatment and investigation for abusing a prisoner to that of a Deputy Sergeant that is being accused of allegedly disrupting a training class. This Sergeant, who supported my 2014 campaign, was put on administrative leave with pay, over 2 weeks ago. And then the inquisition started and was headed by Undersheriff Rich Maricelli and Captain Tony Rio Sr.

This all started in the last month or so, when Missoula County and the Sheriff’s Office brought in special meditation and breathing training from The Learning Center at Red Willow. This training was voluntary for the County employees at large, but then a special training session was brought in for the Sheriff’s Office and made mandatory for deputies. So this meditation and breathing class which is best in small groups or one on one, was made mandatory for the deputies in a group of 20 to 30 people. What could go wrong? Not surprisingly, the deputies were not real open to being told, you will meditate and you will deep breath and you will go to your special spiritual place. While this could be invaluable training to help with what deputies deal with on a daily basis, it is not going to work in a large group of cops.

Some deputies asked questions and made statements. Some deputies gave honest “anonymous” reviews of the class. The instructor from Red Willow, who is an Air Force veteran, was hurt by the reviews and the deputies lack of acceptance. Apparently this instructor has never taught a group of cops. The instructor was so hurt, that he said he would not teach the next class of deputies. This infuriated the Sheriff’s Office administration and led to the inquisition by Maricelli and Rio Sr.

Why is this internal investigation being done by Undersheriff Maricelli and Captain Tony Rio Sr. Why is this not being done by Detective Captain Conway? Conway is the one that has been doing internal investigations as recently as Deputy Leonard’s sexual harassment investigation in February. Why is a simple, potential discipline matter taking so long? Are there deeper motives to this investigation? If this is a valid investigation it should not take this long and should not have the taxpayers paying a deputy not to work for over 2 weeks. This is ridiculous.

Remember Captain Tony Rio Sr. was made Professional Standards Captain (internal affairs) after he was promoted to Captain by Sheriff McDermott January 1st, 2015. That didn’t last long though since Sheriff McDermott realized he may not be the best choice for that position. Tony Rio Sr. was also the same newly minted captain that shot an unarmed man, a few minutes after midnight January 1st, 2015. Every deputy that I have talked to that has seen the video of the shooting says it was questionable. Why hasn’t the public seen the video?

Captain Tony Rio Sr. is also the deputy that rammed and totaled his patrol car at the end of a pursuit and then appeared to try to shoot the unarmed suspects but thankfully Rio had a pistol malfunction. That was in November 2016. I have seen that video. That pursuit was over. The suspect was disabled. That was excessive force. I am now hearing, as of last week, that the County Attorney’s Office is requesting that video, but the Sheriff’s Office cannot find it. Really?

At the very least, Captain Tony Rio Sr., should not be involved in this investigation, since his son, Tony Rio Jr. was in the same class and created distractions and was disruptive himself. And yes, Tony Rio Jr. is a deputy. But Tony Rio Jr. is not being investigated for his disruptive behavior by Undersheriff Maricelli or his dad, Captain Tony Rio Sr. Why is Tony Rio Sr. doing this investigation? Is it payback for the deputy sergeant supporting my campaign in 2014?

Undersheriff Maricelli probably isn’t the right person to do this investigation either. Because Undersheriff Maricelli’s wife is one of the instructors that teaches this type of training at The Learning Center at Red Willow. Is there a conflict of interest here? How much did the County and the Sheriff’s Office pay Red Willow? At the very least, Maricelli should be bright enough not be involved in the investigation because it doesn’t look right. Does Undersheriff Maricelli’s wife get paid by Red Willow? She probably isn’t doing this type of work for free but I don’t know. It sure sounds like the County and the Sheriff’s Office is paying Red Willow, and what Red Willow does with that money is up to them. But it does not look right.

I will say to the instructor of this class, if you are having hurt and sad feelings over not being accepted by a group of cops, buck up. These men and women see horrific things every day. They protect themselves by not opening up and not risking more hurt. To demand them to open up in a large group is ridiculous, and when they don’t, for you to have hurt feelings and then complain on the people you are suppose to be helping. Well, all I can say is you probably shouldn’t be doing this type training. You probably don’t even understand what you have done. You have potentially ruined people’s careers because of your unprofessional and naive behavior.

What is the difference between these two “investigations”? Hartsell supported Sheriff McDermott and the deputy sergeant made the mistake of supporting Josh Clark in the last election.

Commissioners Jean Curtiss, Cola Rowley, and Dave Strohmeier, this is on you. You are letting the Sheriff’s administration ride rough shod over your employees, but only if the employees did not support McDermott. While at the same time, you are allowing Sheriff McDermott to drag his feet on abuse by his deputies, if they are friends and supporters. Make it stop. You might be able to prevent further lawsuits! Do what is right for the County. NOW!

Demand change. Vote Josh Clark for Sheriff/Coroner.

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Billy & Pablo

by William Skink

The under the bridge footage is Reserve Street. The lyrics after the moth stuff are Neruda’s.

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The State Of Missoula’s Community Is A Failing PR Effort To Convince You It’s All Good When It’s Not

by William Skink

On Monday there was a “State of the Community” event put on by City Club Missoula. John forever-mayor Engen, Seth pretty-boy Bodnar and Dave nanny-state Strohmaier were the featured speakers leading the PR effort to convince those in attendance that Missoula is doing just fine:

Bodnar, Engen and Strohmaier were thin on specifics related to policy on Monday, but all spoke at length in general terms about the need for collaboration among the university, the city and the county.

Engen and Strohmaier addressed the need to develop more affordable housing options as housing prices continue their historic trajectory upward here. The two elected officials also talked about the need to preserve Missoula’s unique culture, clean environment and way of life as development puts pressure especially hard on those at the bottom of the socioeconomic spectrum.

Instead of doling out bullshit PR talking points, here is what these three men need to be doing.

Strohmaier and the other two County Commissioners need to get a handle on the shit show that is the Sheriff’s Department. The bitter campaign between Clark and McDermott apparently never stopped, and with recent articles in the Missoulian, it would appear that Clark’s warnings have some merit.

Engen needs to buckle down, not just on affordable housing, but also on what happens when people don’t have housing in cold climates: they fucking die. Another homeless man died in downtown Missoula late last week of exposure. It hasn’t been reported in the news yet, but it happened, and he died in the heart of Missoula’s bar scene.

And Bodnar needs to realize that early indicators of his leadership are starting to wear the honeymoon thin. Getting rid of the guy they threw a $70,000 bonus at, bringing in Jim data-boy Messina, and now a media misstep eliciting a fuck, fuck, fuck reaction from a Dean when he realized at-risk academic programs might finally be named and reported on.

A new day is not dawning in Missoula. Anyone who tells you that is more than likely getting financially compensated for lying to you.

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Missoula Indy Votes Yes To Unionize, Deserves Support

by William Skink

For some reason I’ve been putting off writing about the Missoula Independent fighting for the right to collectively bargain the degree of their independence from the Lee Imperial Fleet of media holdings. My reluctance is not because I don’t support the intent, voted on unanimously, by the eight eligible staff to protect their future and the future of the Indy.

I am in full support of the Indy staff choosing to organize a stronger voice capable of penetrating the cold, corporate boardroom where profits have priority over everything else. Really it’s now or never. For staff, the symbolism of relocating to Missoulian headquarters was the catalyst. For anyone who checks in with the Indy online, the aesthetic changes seem like a sign of things to come.

I have been a reader of the Indy for as long as I’ve lived in Missoula, 18 years (and counting). I used to read Molly Ivins’ column every week, then I read George Ochenski’s. When the Indy, under the shitty editorial direction of Robert Meyerowitz, lost Ochenski after 12 years, I joined the chorus of concern over what seemed to be happening.

What was happening was this: the business model was ripped like a rug out from underneath alt weeklies. Bleeding out ad revenue to Craigslist and trying to adapt to young consumers and their expectation of free content was more than Saint Matt Gibson could handle.  Despite his Herculean efforts to carry the paper, he finally gave in to the benevolent corporation:

Gibson owned the Missoula Independent for 20 years before selling the newspaper to Lee Enterprises a year ago.

In his letter to advertisers, Gibson said the weekly has been losing money and only persisted initially because of his personal commitment to the paper and now the commitment of Lee.

“For the last 11 months, Lee Enterprises has carried the weight,” he wrote. “Despite the very real financial issues, Lee’s treatment of the Indy and its staff since acquiring it last April has been generous, patient, and wholly above reproach. The pressures on the business will persist whether the staff unionizes or not.”

The organizing effort, he said. “is naïve and extremely shortsighted.”

Actually, Matt Gibson, what tends to be short-sighted is the quarterly expectations of shareholders for a return on their investment. They may even want to get rid of you if the rumors that circulate in our little mountain town ever make you more of a liability than an asset to their bottomline.

Even though I’ve had my ups and downs with the Indy, I still look forward to the new issue every Thursday. I usually start with what Dan Brooks has to say, then move on to the latest review from Molly Laich.

I know I’m not alone in my hope that the Indy can preserve its identity amidst the borg-like absorption into the Corporate Mothership, Lee. The road ahead won’t be easy, but nothing worth fighting for ever is.

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No Right To Return

by William Skink

The suffering of Palestinians under Israeli apartheid conditions continues. No humanitarian intervention is coming to save the day.


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Revisiting Missoula’s Reserve Street Homeless Camp Clean-Up

by William Skink

Last Saturday I went out to the Reserve Street bridge for a clean-up, but I was a month late. The link my buddy sent me didn’t load all the way, so I didn’t see the clean up–organized by UGM (Union Gospel Mission)–happened last February.

Since I was out there, and had someone accompanying me, I took the opportunity to make the rounds I used to make when I worked at the shelter coordinating the outreach team. If there was a substantial clean-up effort in February, it was hard to tell. I saw at least a half dozen encampments with twice that number of tents.

The last major clean-up in the area happened last August. The Missoulian’s coverage featured a tearful, front-page image of an older woman looking miserable and dejected (and holding a glass pipe). I wasn’t able to go to the clean-up because it was during a work day, but I did write about why the clean-up is needed and why the reaction from a letter to the editor decrying the effort was ignorant.

If there had been follow up from the media on the clean-up effort they would have found that it wasn’t just a few tons of trash that got removed from under and around the bridge that day. Nope, it was 25 TONS of trash that got removed. That number is more than triple the amount of past clean-ups.

Unfortunately, from what I’m hearing, the media coverage has spooked the Clark Fork Coalition from participating in future clean-ups, so how robust any future efforts will be is an open question.

I guess that’s good news for the community of people out there generating tons of trash, injecting meth (I was told the amount of needles last summer has also significantly increased) and only occasionally stabbing and killing each other. If that sounds harsh, I’m not sorry, that’s the reality.

Unless there is some tragic event, or another clean-up for a reporter to show up and photo-op a sob-story about, the Reserve Street camps will just go on being ignored by this rapidly growing Missoula community leaving more and more people behind. What else can be done? Treatment is not accessible, the jails are full, and the cost of housing continues to skyrocket.

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The Last Thing UM Needs Is Jim Messina’s Data Prowess

by William Skink

The prowess of a powerful alum coming to save the day at UM? Or a case study in failure looking for a little local love while he licks his wounds?

First, the gushing. Jim Messina is back in town, inspiring one local reporter to swoon this opening lede:

Jim Messina, arguably the University of Montana’s most powerful alum, is volunteering his campaign and data prowess as CEO of The Messina Group to help his alma mater.

Gross. At a time when data prowess is not something to be too openly proud of, Messina scuttles back to UM, where he is greeted by this fawning nod to the lending of his services. And for free! What a guy.

Now, from across the pond, how about the loser angle? The Outline’s examination of Messina opens with the overturning of political expectations in the UK with Brexit. A silver lining, the piece argues, is that once highly compensated consultant stars were exposed for the grifters they are. Then this:

One such fraud is Jim Messina, a former Obama aide who has been a constant presence in Democratic politics since the early Bush years. Messina was a favorite of “wonks” until relatively recently. A 2012 Bloomberg profile titled “Obama’s CEO” provides a perfect distillation of Messina’s carefully cultivated image, comparing his storytelling abilities to TED Talks and praising him for learning from the executives at Google, Facebook, and Zynga. The article goes: “Messina is convinced that modern presidential campaigns are more like fast-growing tech companies than anything found in a history book and his own job is like that of the executives who run them.”

The data wizards of tech are no longer ascending. The platforms that lured us into being compliant faucets of lucrative personal information are being exposed for what the more paranoid among us have known they are for quite some time.

During the Obama era, as Messina’s star was on the rise, the data wizards were on the right side of the political spectrum, meaning the liberal side. Carol Davidsen made that point explicitly in a series of tweets you can read at the link. Here’s some context for Davidsen’s role in Obama’s 2012 campaign:

Carol Davidsen, who served as Obama’s director of integration and media analytics during his 2012 campaign (in her LinkedIn profile she says she was responsible for “The Optimizer” & “Narwhal” big data analytics platforms), claims – with evidence, that Facebook found out about a massive data-mining operation they were conducting to “suck out the whole social graph” in order to target potential voters. After Facebook found out, they knowingly allowed them to continue doing it because they were supportive of the campaign.

With the hyped ability to sway elections supposedly established by Obama’s victory, Messina sold his data snake oil to UK conservatives. And here’s what happened next:

Despite telling Politico in 2013 that he would only work for causes he believed in, Messina hopped the pond and signed on to advise U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron’s 2015 reelection campaign. The American media was left a bit confused by this sudden change of allegiance, having swallowed whole the Democratic line that Obama didn’t really mean his center-right policies. The Conservatives ended up gaining seats and winning a working majority after governing in coalition with the Liberal Democrats for five years. However, the circumstances of the election made it a pyrrhic victory for Cameron. Many of the seats the Conservatives won were taken from Liberal Democrats, who had supported Cameron’s agenda anyway. To appease the far-right U.K. Independence Party, Cameron promised a referendum on EU membership if he was reelected. The campaign to Vote Leave turned out to be far more popular than expected, forcing Cameron to actively campaign against a referendum he initially proposed. Messina was central to this campaign as well, and he assured the Conservatives that his famous data-heavy modeling foresaw Britain remaining in the EU. The result of the vote, however, was the exact opposite, with 52 percent voting to leave the EU, and Cameron resigned as Prime Minister the next day.

Botching Brexit was just Messina getting warmed up. Other failures followed:

The same process repeated the next year in Italy, when Democratic Prime Minister Matteo Renzi proposed a national referendum to reform Italy’s parliamentary structure. Renzi hired Messina to oversee the “yes” campaign, which lost by a staggering 20 percent. Renzi also resigned the next day. Messina’s next project was to co-chair Priorities USA Action, the main Hillary Clinton SuperPAC. Five days before last year’s presidential election, Messina published an op-ed in the New York Times confidently downplaying fears of a “Brexit-style shock,” which turned out to be exactly what happened. Clinton’s campaign was “leveraging the power of data to find every last vote they can,” he wrote, unaware that the Clinton campaign’s faith in the power of data would turn out to be one of their greatest weaknesses. Trump, who ran the most amateurish major party campaign in living memory, beat Clinton’s team of world-renowned experts.

Jim Messina is no longer a star on the rise. Instead he’s exposed, like the little man behind the curtain in The Wizard of Oz.

Which begs the question, what the hell does the University of Montana think it’s going to get from this arrangement? A Montexit from flagship status?

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Neruda’s Poetry At The End Of The World

by William Skink

April–the cruelest month–is also a month to celebrate poetry. I used to try and bring more poetry to the blogosphere, but eventually stopped. To see some of those old posts, here is a link comprised of over a hundred links to peruse.

I’m less optimistic about the ability of art to address the myriad crises brewing, but here is a poem anyway from Pablo Neruda (translated by William O’Daly) from a collection titled World’s End. It’s a poem I originally came across years ago. Every time I read it I can’t help thinking of one of the crises hardly anyone thinks about anymore–the still not contained nuclear disaster at Fukushima.


I am no longer sure of the sea
in this presumptuous day:
perhaps the fish dressed
themselves in nuclear scales,
and within the infinite water
instead of the original cold
grow the fires of death

They commit to colonizing with fear,
the sudden tides of the world,
and no tower can protect us
from so many enemy waves.

They are not content with the earth.

They need to murder the ocean.

With a few drops of hell
the salt of the waves mingle,
and the minerals of fury
are discharged in the abyss,
so that they whip up the tempest
in a cup of poison
and serve mankind the soup
of fire of sea and of death.

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