Missoula’s BIPOC Placation Plan Is Running Into Some Trouble

by William Skink

Last week before Thanksgiving I wrote about two placation plans Missoula is devising, one for the unhoused living at the Reserve Street homeless encampment, and one for people with meth addictions.

The latter plan entails employing one of Missoula’s favorite placation strategies, the good ‘ol money to study schtick.

To show you how popular this go-to strategy has become, after George Floyd was killed by a police officer over the summer, Missoula’s enlightened brain trust suggested ANOTHER STUDY to appease Missoula’s BIPOC community, but now that the timeframe of 12 weeks has come and gone, with nothing to show, there is some understandable frustration boiling up that I’m happy to see the Missoula Current reporting on. From the link:

Iko’tsimiskimaki “Ekoo” Beck, a lifelong Missoula resident and Blackfeet Nation member, works as a community organizer for Montana Women Vote.

Like Cox, Beck agreed that investing more time and money in research is not an effective strategy.

“I also think that doing research is the wrong step at this point. I’ve lived here my entire life. Our experiences, as previously stated, have been shared a ton of times,” she said.

Instead of more research, Beck directed council members to specific action and issues they could work on addressing.

“There is a large houselessness Indigenous population in Missoula. That’s ridiculous. We’re Indigenous to this land. We should not be houseless. We should not be homeless on our own lands, right? That’s a basic level racial justice issue that you guys should be solving,” she said.

Right on, Ekoo. And here’s more well-deserved criticism:

For Chloe Behan, an Indigenous community member and student at the University of Montana, the steps that City Council has taken so far to address these social justice issues feel inconsequential.

“They’re trying to use this very outward facing solution. It is a very surface level solution that focuses only on the appearance of the city,” she said.

“It won’t be effective for anybody’s actual life other than for city council members and the mayor to be like ‘Alright, we did that. We can stop feeling bad. We can feel better about what we’ve done for BIPOC people.’ When in reality, they haven’t done anything.”

It looks like THIS placation plan is running into some problems from a more discerning group of people than the general public in Missoula, who eagerly throw tax money at all kinds of things.

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Will Scaling Up Abusive Male Tendencies Get You Thinking Differently About The Pandemic?

by William Skink

A little over a week ago the Missoula Current had an article about the pandemic elevating risk of domestic violence. The article caught my attention because of how an individual male abuser was depicted by YWCA staff. Here’s an example:

“With COVID-19 there is a lack of control over everyone’s life. It can be hard to manage,” said Murphy. “If there is an abusive partner it is so much harder.”

Some survivors “were being threatened that if they left and were exposed to COVID-19 then they wouldn’t be let back in the house,” Murphy said. “There was a real fear of leaving and not being able to come back.”

Threatening consequences if a member of the household doesn’t follow the rules? Kind of sounds like the health department. Here’s more (emphasis mine):

The perception of COVID-19 risks themselves have caused concern to potential clients, according to Murphy. She said that some individuals have cited current health problems and are hesitant to come to the shelter because of the perceived risk of exposure.

Fear about these risks is also being exploited to increase control. “Abusers are not sharing accurate information about COVID-19,” Murphy said.

First, why depict worried clients as having “perceived” risk of exposure to Covid? I thought we were SUPPOSED to be afraid of leaving the house? Isn’t that what months and months of fear mongering from corporate media was designed to do?

Second, the notion that abusers are not sharing accurate information is a concept that’s ok to apply to an individual male abuser, but taboo to apply to corporations with financial interests and political operators.

But ask yourself this question: if an abusive man sees the opportunity to exert MORE CONTROL by limiting access to information about Covid, why wouldn’t an abusive SYSTEM do the same thing?

Will the obvious answer to that question get you thinking differently about this pandemic?

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What Is Going On Between Revive Missoula And Covid Calvinists Like Glenda Bradshaw?

by William Skink

To avoid the death of their businesses and livelihoods, desperate business owners without access to corporate capital have formed a coalition called Revive Missoula’s Bars and Restaurants, but I’m doubtful they will find much success.

Why? Because THE GREAT RESETTERS and their psychological warfare tactics are simply too successful to counter, as evidenced by the reaction of Clyde Coffee owner, Glenda Bradshaw, who is exhibiting signs of Stockholm Syndrome when she says this:

“Over the next few months, we need everyone in the community to step up and support all small business in whatever way they can,” Bradshaw said. “There is nothing in current health department restrictions that precludes us from doing so. Otherwise, we’re going to see massive small business failure between now and the time a vaccine becomes effective. There are many ways to do that, and although I respect what the Revive group is attempting, I fundamentally disagree with any efforts towards loosening Covid restrictions at bars helps us achieve that goal. If anything, I think it moves us backwards.”

Before getting to why I think Glenda Bradshaw’s brain is occupied territory, I’d like to tell you about a conversation I overheard between my wife and her friend, who is from Finland.

My wife’s friend–we’ll call her Finny–was telling my wife how here sister, who still lives in Finland, was horrified at all the school restrictions we are experiencing in America. In Finland they didn’t choose to psychologically terrorize their children, and somehow they avoided the apocalypse. Go figure.

Now, this is just an anecdotal story, but it highlights a different attitude from a different country, and therefore might be useful as a data point for countering occupied brains in the states.

When my wife mentioned this at Thanksgiving, my father, who also has heavily occupied neural-pathways from years spent serving corporate America, sputtered out something about Finland being small. He didn’t give the story any serious thought, and he didn’t do any research into Finland’s phenomenal education system. Instead, his reaction was more like antibodies attacking a virus being introduced into his body’s operating system.

Since I don’t have the temperament for in-person conversations with members of my own family about this issue, I’ll use the blog to ask some questions of people like my dad and Glenda Bradshaw.

Question 1: what do you actually know about PCR tests, antigen tests, and the rate of false positives these tests produce?

Question 2: how do you account for experts like Fauci reversing himself on the efficacy of masks, and what peer-reviewed studies do you base your belief on the efficacy of masks on?

Question 3: how many deaths are being attributed to OTHER respiratory illnesses, like influenza and pneumonia?

Question 4: how much money do you have to fall back on?

That last question may sound a little harsh and intrusive, but for awhile now I’ve suspected that people who are very PRO-LOCKDOWN are also in many ways the same people who are not as financially impacted by the consequences of shutdowns and restrictions.

For my dad, that is most definitely a factor, and I wonder what his perspective would be if his finances were being negatively impacted because money is VERY IMPORTANT to him. As it stands, he was already working from a home office, and he’s busier than ever, so his financial position is secure.

What about Glenda Bradshaw?

Getting back to the article, Bradshaw claims (using the royal “we”?) to be exhausted and running out of money, but then acknowledges she decided to close her coffee shop ALL WINTER “for the safety of her staff and customers“.

How exactly does being deprived of work keep your staff “safe”? And how can a little coffee shop owner afford to close for an entire season? Did she consult her staff before making this decision? Is she still paying rent?

I think it’s fair to ask these questions because Bradshaw is using her position as the owner of a small business to make sure restrictions that are killing her competitors are kept in place. If Glenda thinks she can weather the financial darwinism that was unleashed by THE GREAT RESETTERS then I’m curious why her financial position is more secure than other coffee shop owners who didn’t get quoted in a Missoulian article.

I’m also wondering if there’s not some moral undertone as well between BAR owners selling alcohol and COFFEE shop owners selling that sweet black crack. Since coffee is my jam now, I’ll add Clyde Coffee to my DO NOT SUPPORT list along with TIF recipient, Starbucks.

I hope this Revive effort can help the small businesses that make Missoula Missoula survive. If this effort is successful, it won’t be because they got any help from these Covid Calvinists and their disingenuous cult of protection, but in spite of them.

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Whitney Webb Shows A Good German Like Bernhard At Moon Of Alabama What Real Journalistic Courage Looks Like

by William Skink

It’s sad to see a blog I once valued transform into a willing whore for Big Pharma, but I don’t know how else to read this post by Bernhard at Moon of Alabama, which ends with this:

So far all of the vaccines under discussion seem to be safe and efficient enough to defeat the pandemic. I for one see no reason to reject any of them.

Well, I for one see no reason to continue reading the “good German” who came to this conclusion.

Instead of exposing myself to MoA, I’ll continue reading the kind of reporting that takes actual courage, like Whitney Webb’s work, which you can find at her new site Unlimited Hangout, like this piece about Pfizer’s work on the Covid vaccine race. From the link:

We are about to examine a subject that has been one of the most censored topics in the modern era. But now, more than ever before, we are in desperate need of the information that is being systematically hidden from the public. This article will be banned and attacked by those who believe we, the general public, shouldn’t know all the information about what they want to achieve from the coming mass global vaccinations. The reason for the current establishment’s unwillingness to speak about this subject leads to perhaps unnecessary suspicion. Such suspicions will never be dismissed via the currently employed tactic of smearing anyone who questions intentions. If governments worldwide want their populations to submit to these vaccinations, then they need to stop patronising people and speak honestly. However, since that is unheard of, they will continue to employ coercive tactics, as they will be trying out a never-before-approved experimental method to boost the immune system by manipulating the process our DNA uses to signal for the creation of certain proteins, and we have little idea of what the long-term impact this brand-new therapeutic technology could have on our health. No politician, medical expert, or pharmaceutical representative is willing to accept responsibility for challenges that might be around the corner.

Many of the pharmaceutical companies researching potential coronavirus vaccines are using old methods. They take a proverbial pinch of the virus and infect your immune system at a very low and slow rate, allowing your body the time it needs to build up a natural immunological resistance to the illness. But developing those types of vaccines is a slow and arduous process, and the current leaders in the race to mass global vaccination are pharmaceutical companies using a radical new method that has never been tried before.

‘They are going to hack the cells in your body in order to make them into drug factories’, says Nathan Vardi, a staff writer for Forbes, in a video titled Why Pfizer Is Betting Big on an Unproven Treatment for Covid-19, from March 2020. ‘The problem is with this approach’, Vardi admits, ‘is there’s never been an approved mRNA product’.

Whitney Webb is doing amazing work, both on the US government’s Warp Speed vaccine development and the Epstein network. If you want to better understand the world in which you live, I suggest visiting her new site.

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Another Act Of Violence Linked To Missoula’s Poverello Center

by William Skink

I probably shouldn’t be writing this post, and definitely not on Thanksgiving day. I should be taking a break and reminding myself what I have to be thankful for, like the fact I live in Montana and not a lockdown-crazed state like California.

But instead of doing that, I’m trying to NOT think about Lee Nelson’s last moments of life before the psychopath he met at the Poverello Center took him down Broadway to the Riverfront Triangle and proceeded to bash his skull in with a blunt object.

Lee Nelson was one of the nicest clients I ever met at the shelter. His innocent demeanor derived, in part, from what I suspect was some kind of developmental disability. He traveled around the state constantly, more than happy to sleep rough under overpasses, until his body started getting too old to support his wanderlust.

As more sickening details come out about this murder, and the sick fuck who committed this brutal crime, I think it might be time for the Poverello Center to do some serious soul searching about who they are serving, and how.

2020 got off to a tragic start at the Poverello Center when Sean Stevenson was killed in an alleged physical altercation with another client, Johnny Lee Perry.

A few months later, in April, a man with a developmental disability was raped in a bathroom at the Pov. And now this:

Police confirmed Nelson had spent the night at the Pov, and video captured him talking with the defendant Friday morning, according to the court record.

The same morning, the defendant was seen with a group of other males, where he allegedly handed one of the men a silver baseball bat or similar object, and the man “appeared to be testing it by swinging the bat-style object around,” the affidavit said. The Pov is less than half a mile from the scene of the homicide.

Maybe I’m reading too much into this quote, but it seems to indicate that a group of men at the Poverello Center, in clear view of surveillance cameras, feel comfortable enough to casually pass around a potential weapon. Is this indicative of the environment there?

The Poverello does a nearly impossible job every day of triaging our community’s failure to address a whole host of serious, systematic issues. That means they are serving a wide variety of people. Some clients are very vulnerable and some clients are obviously dangerous predators.

Right now the Poverello Center is using the fact an investigation is still happening to avoid the policy conversation that needs to happen:

The Poverello Center couldn’t tell us what their process is for screening guests due to the active investigation.

They released this statement to NBC Montana: “The Poverello Center staff work hard to ensure our shelter is as safe as possible for everyone we serve. The Poverello Center safely and professionally serves individuals who are in crisis every single day. We have strong policies and procedures, and the staff receives regular training so that we can respond quickly with compassion and care when a crisis impacts our guests.

Your guests are being raped and murdered, Pov. Maybe it’s time to review the supposed strength of your policies before the next vulnerable client is brutally killed by a dangerous psychopath.

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